The moment I looked into her eyes.  The moment I looked into my precious baby girl Hannah’s eyes, I knew my world was changed forever.  One glance into those brand new eyes, seeing the world for the first time, her looking up at me, and knowing I was MOM, my heart had never felt so full.  Do you remember that moment?  What an amazing gift from God.

Embrace Momming.  Embrace everything about it!  Embrace the first cry, the first yawn, the first smile.  9 months of preparation has just unfolded before your eyes.  9 months of the good AND the bad – the nausea, the cravings, the swollen ankles, the multiple trips (every hour) to the bathroom, the fatigue.  9 months of the anticipation, the wonder, the name searching, the kicks, the hiccups, the excitement!  9 months of preparation could not have prepared you for the LOVE you feel in your heart the first time you look into those big, bright eyes. I know it didn’t prepare me.  Embrace it.  

Life is so short – “It goes by so fast!”  Something I’ve heard quite frequently from all of the Moms before me.  I don’t want it to go fast, I don’t want it to speed by.  Sometimes, I just want time to freeze.  I want to Embrace it.  I want to savor it.  I want to live in every moment as fully and intentionally as I can.  I want to experience Motherhood positively, soak in the moments, and enjoy the amount of time I am gifted to do so.  Do you?

My Husband has always said that the only thing you can’t get more of in life is time.  Once your time is up on this earth, that’s it.  You no longer get to think about the things you will do “someday”, and there are no more second chances.  I am Thankful for his constant reminder of this, because it keeps me focused on living in the present.  It keeps me living in the moment.  I am often reminded of this when I am busy cleaning the house, with Hannah strapped to my chest in her carrier, and I get this feeling.  The feeling that I am being watched.  No, not in the creepy way!   In the loving and fulfilling way.  I look down, only to see my amazing little girl staring up at me with her bright blue eyes.  Who do I think I am cleaning at that moment in time?  She clearly needs me to stare at her back.  So I do.  I live in those moments, the ones where I feel like we are looking into each others souls; no barriers, no secrets, no distractions, just me and her, together in that moment in time.  That’s what I live for, that’s what I Embrace.  Momming.

Momming to the fullest extent – This is the intent of my blog.  I hope through my posts you can gain positive insight into ways to Embrace Momming, whether it be through obtaining more happiness in being a mom, having fun and being healthy while being a mom, the never ending humor of being a mom, or trusting God through the whole experience.

God Bless, and until next time, Embrace.

Inch-by-Inch it’s a Cinch

First things first.  If you’re fighting off that post pregnancy weight, Take it easy on yourself!  Your body has created another human.  You brought life to this earth, and that’s incredible.

Your body went through the amazing process of making a baby.  Your hormones changed, your skin changed, your boobs changed, your weight changed, and guess what!  You’ve changed.  You’ve created one of the most precious gifts, and in order to do so, all of the organs in your body moved completely to make room for those beautiful babies!  Click here to watch a 40 second YouTube video on how your organs moved as your baby grew inside of you.  It’s absolutely incredible.  So take it easy on yourself!  What you did is a miracle!

If you’re like most of the women across the world, you probably gained a few pounds after birthing that little miracle.  I know I did!  After contemplating the weight gain for a few weeks and how I was going to get it off, I made a conscious decision to NOT make myself crazy.  Do I want to get that weight off? YES.  But I also want to Embrace the time that I have with my precious baby, and I don’t want to miss all of the first moments with her.  When you become a mother, whether it’s your first, second, or tenth time, you’re more then likely going to be having sleepless nights, countless feedings, and a whole lot of learning to do.  I want the time that I have to be devoted to caring for my little one, not obsessing over my appearance and constantly wondering how I’m going to get to the gym.

Because I made this decision, and knowing that I still want to shed these post-pregnancy pounds, I’ve decided to take a more conventional method of losing weight.  I’ve decided to adopt the “inch-by-inch, it’s a cinch” theory.  Throughout the posts of my health section, I want to bring you methods in which we can lose weight inch-by-inch together through making healthy choices.  I look at it this way – Each healthy choice I make brings me closer to my goal.  I don’t want to stress, and I don’t want to drive myself crazy.  I just want to steadily lose weight in a healthy way, so that I can be the best Mom I can be for my baby and for myself.

I would love to hear how you stay healthy through Momming too, or answer any questions you may have, so please feel free to leave messages in the reply section!