Happiness Is

It’s up to you to find and define.  Happiness.  It’s different for everyone, and comes in all forms.

Is it seeing your baby take their first steps, achieving a goal you’ve been striving for, or just getting through another crazy day?  Whatever it is, find it, and don’t let it go unnoticed.

To me, it’s the peace in my spirit and the smiles on the faces around me of the people that I can call my family and friends.  It’s not something I want to take for granted and it’s not something I want to overlook.

It’s the moments when you look into the sky and Thank God for all of the wonderful things in your life.  It’s laughing at yourself in your embarrassing moments and being able to smile when things go wrong.  It’s realizing that when things get crazy, the only thing that really matters is that you’re here and you’re alive, and you’ve got another day to enjoy the things around you.

It’s so easy to let the every day stresses of life get in the way of our happiness.  You have places to be, mouths to feed, and bills to pay.  So how do you maintain Happiness through these times of trial?

I often find myself thinking about the phrase, “What You Focus on Expands.”  I always try to reflect on my day and bring that phrase into perspective. At the end of the day, do I feel Happy, Sad, Frustrated?  Why do I feel that way?  What could I have done to have made that day different?  If I am the role model for my child, and she looks to me to learn about the world, am I setting the example that I want to be? When I ask myself these questions, if I don’t like the answer for that day, then it’s something I need to change.

If what I focus on Expands, then I want to focus on the positive in life, and I want to focus on the things that make myself and my family Happy.  For every negative, there is a positive, we just have to stay focused on finding it.

The goal of my Happiness section is to help myself and help you all find and keep focused on the Happiness in Momming.  No, it’s not always easy. But it’s WORTH it.  When I see my Hannah’s smile, for that moment in time, I don’t care what’s going on in the world, other then that she is HAPPY.  That’s what I live for and what drives me to be a better person – because she’s watching.

Let’s look for those moments of Happiness, and when we see them, Embrace them.  When you feel like it, share them in my comments section – I LOVE hearing the stories, whether its struggle or success, and how you get through the craziness of the every day life of Momming 🙂





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